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Meet Elon

We’re honored that you are here, considering how to design a voyage for healing, happiness, and wellness. Let’s partner together to help you become more connected with, and attuned to, those you love, including your spouse, children, parents, or extended family members, or join together to help your child heal from the trauma that she/he has endured.

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Meet Tasha

Tasha is particularly passionate about wanting to help families and individuals illuminate their family legacy and how it impacts them. Tasha also excels at attending to the impact of loss and trauma, and focuses on trauma recovery for better emotional, physical, and relationship health. Her theory is that when people have hope and can learn to challenge and replace irrational thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes, people are free to experience change.  

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Meet Ijeoma

Ijeoma completed her undergraduate education at Temple University, where she earned a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. Subsequently, Ijeoma obtained her Master’s degree in Human Services with a focus in clinical counseling from Lincoln University. Since then, Ijeoma has worked with people across several populations and has tackled many areas of concerns with the individuals she has served.  

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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a graduate degree in clinical social work, and a concentration in child and family wellbeing. She has over 10 years of experience working with children and adults of all ages, in various outpatient settings. She is particularly inspired to work with adults who are seeking to identify undesirable interpersonal patterns and stressors, to enhance self-understanding and greater overall wellness.  

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Meet Justin

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Come join me on a journey of self-discovery. Whether you’re managing personal relationship problems, exploring personal identity, or creating a set of habits to help you get back on track, I’ll be there with you, every step of the way. Let’s sit down and talk.  

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