About Rebecca

Rebecca is a clinical social worker whose graduate education and training is in child and family wellbeing. She is particularly inspired to work with adults and family members who are seeking to identify and shift away from undesirable patterns and stressors including a broad range of emotional, relational, and behavioral difficulties including (but not limited to) anxiety, depression, behavioral challenges, parent-child and sibling difficulties.

In the co-discovery process with Rebecca, you can expect to collaborate in a strengths-based manner to tune into the multifaceted elements influencing your present state of being and to implement concrete action-steps to create relief of undesirable symptoms and/or the desire to establish more positive overall well-being. This may include, but is not limited to, observing multi-generational relational patterns, current physical habits, emotional and spiritual elements.

Please note that this therapist is an independent contractor. She is not an employee, partner, or joint venturer, agency, or fiduciary. She is self-employed, and contracted, on an as needed basis, to facilitate fee-for-service Outpatient Therapy at The Counseling and Wellness Center of Wyomissing. As such, she decides on her fee, as well as schedule.

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