The Village: Co-Parenting Support

The Village

It takes a village to raise a child. Our children today, more than ever, need a community of caregivers that help them grow in a safe and healthy environment. For co-parents and single parents who may feel isolated, self-doubtful, confused, overwhelmed, and alone, it can feel deeply satisfying to be with a group of people who listen empathically and support each other through the journey of co-parenting. Any family system where adults are in and/or out of the home and working on coming together to parent effectively, this group can be the extra support needed to navigate these relationships.

Whether in a crisis or not, all co-parents need sincere, credible encouragement to help support them as they learn to manage their problems. This is a powerful reason to join a support group and connect with others that are experiencing similar experiences. The Village can offer a safe space to vent, feel validated and encouraged, learn what’s “normal”, find a resolution to their confusing relationship problems, socialize and help others in need, and most importantly strengthen realistic hopes for their families.

Group Day and Time

Saturdays from 12:00 PM- 1:00 PM

Price Per A Group


Group Duration

10 weeks

560 Van Reed Road, Suite 206
Wyomissing, PA. 19610
(610) 570-1133

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