Synopsis Of The TED Talks On “4 Habits of ALL Successful Relationships

by Dr. Andrea & Jonathan Taylor-Cummings. According to these talented and knowledgeable experts, the couples who enjoy the most connected relationships practice these four habits: 1. Be curious, not critical. When conflict arises, if couples invest time in understanding, instead of criticizing, differences in perspectives or way of being, this will lead to dialogue that ends the argument and helps...[ read more ]

How Children Are Affected By Divorce, And What Parents Can Do To Help.

For many parents, it is gut-wrenching when your child is hurting and you’re unable to do anything to end her/his suffering. You feel helpless, and sometimes hopeless, in these situations. And you may also feel guilty, especially if the pain that your child is experiencing is related to the divorce between you and your partner. The whole family is affected...[ read more ]

Two Things That You Can Do Every Day To Manage The Heartache Of Divorce

Parents who are either on the brink of or who have resolved to divorce are in a heartbreakingly difficult situation. Not only is each parent suffering from the loss of a life built together and the person with whom it was built, but, mom and dad, you’re also probably worried about how your child(ren) will respond, and how this might...[ read more ]

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