About Keya

“Struggles and challenges in life are a natural part of the human experience, but we do not have to go at it alone.”

There is no doubt that troubles will come in life. Some challenges are shorter-term, like managing the school behaviors of a “strong willed” child.  Other troubles, seem to be ever present, like expanding your family, or managing the constant stress of social and cultural pressures. In a world where life can be tough, we all deserve spaces of refuge, designed to be safe havens for us to be truly seen, heard, and accepted as we express the deepest parts of ourselves. This is the type of therapeutic space Keya creates for her clients.

Keya earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology Pre-Medicine from Xavier University of Louisiana, and her Master’s of Science in Applied Psychology from the University of Baltimore.  She will soon complete a second Master’s in Counseling and Human Services and continue her education and training by earning a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Keya is also a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, and author of the book “Secrets of an Energized Mama.”  Over the last decade, she has used her background to teach busy moms how to use yoga to manage the everyday stress of parenting. As a parent of three children, a former school-based therapist and a trauma-informed discipline consultant to schools, Keya has extensive experience working with children and the families and systems that surround them.  She is no stranger to understanding how the systems around us impact our well-being and mental health. Because of this, Keya incorporates a systemic awareness-based framework to therapy to guide young clients in identifying the triggers of their moods and behaviors, and to help adult care-givers better understand how to create environmental systems that support the positive behaviors they would like to see in their children.

Keya specializes in working with parents and families who are struggling with the common challenges presented to most of us parents. Concerns like:

  • Managing the negative behaviors of a young child,
  • Finding the “right for you” balance between parenting and cultivating your romantic bond with your partner,
  • Managing the impact of life’s stressors on your family bond
  • Supporting family members through topics of identity including race, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Improving parent-child attachment relationships

In working with parents, families and children, Keya applies a relational and attachment-based focus to understanding client concerns and to guide clients in improving their relationships with self and with the important people in their lives. It is Keya’s belief that healing, and positive change comes through: 1) awareness of our own beliefs, feelings and behaviors and how they impact others; 2) acceptance of who we are and how we want to show up in our relationship to the world around us; and 3) action to make the changes that we have determined necessary to live our best lives.

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