About Alex

Alex graduated from LaSalle University with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and specializes in working with families, couples and individuals of all ages. With a strong belief that the quality of relationships are a predictor of overall health, wellness, and life satisfaction, she seeks to help clients through a nurturing, individualized approach by attending to the unique circumstances of each person and family’s life. Alex has extensive experience working with clients in individual and group settings, starting as a competitive dance teacher and choreographer to present-day clinical work with families. Blending academic and clinical training, along with personal experience, Alex is better able to support individuals and families struggling with symptoms rooted in trauma, life cycle and relationship transitions, and human diversity conditions. Utilizing a holistic and collaborative approach to mental and physical health, Alex empowers clients to discover steps to happiness that can be sustained outside this therapy space.

While diagnoses can be helpful in explaining symptoms observed by the eye, Alex works from an emotionally and relationally based approach to better understand stressors that can propel mental, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. There is more depth to people than the labels given and by focusing on the contextual forces at play, it is easier to find hope and regain control. In addition, Alex integrates interventions from a variety of different therapeutic approaches to promote growth in a way that is suitable for each client or family based on their needs, goals, and personality.

Meaningful connections help foster resiliency when the waves are rough and Alex’s genuine and strength-based approaches to the therapeutic relationship could be the departure point for your healing journey.

560 Van Reed Road, Suite 206
Wyomissing, PA. 19610

(610) 570-1133

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